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Add a Touch of Salt And Pepper
17 Nov

What would the world be like without salt and pepper? Can you imagine what food would taste like if there was no salt? Don't even want to think about that. Salt and pepper are a part of everyone's life and when you're in the restaurant industry you need to have enough of these spices at hand for your customers. The elegant way to present these spices to your customers is with the acrylic salt and pepper grinders.

These grinders with their clear acrylic design look modern and sophisticated, while you can clearly see the salt crystals and pepper corns. To keep these beautiful salt and pepper grinders in good condition there are few things that you can do. So here are some tips to help you keep your grinders in good shape.

  • Cleaning

As tempting as it may be do not put this catering equipment into the dishwasher. Instead, clean the body of the grinder mills with a soft, dry cloth. While you want to, you should never immerse the whole unit in water as this action will cause rust to appear underneath or inside the unit. Plus, it can also lead to the paint cracking and possibly swelling in the case of wooden units. Furthermore, clean the inside of the grinder mill with a small brush to remove any bits that may be stuck.

  • Maintenance

It's good idea to take care of the salt and pepper grinders when you use them as this can also lengthen their lifespan. So firstly, don't over-tighten the nut when you refill it or adjust the grind as this could cause damage to this catering equipment.

If you don't intend to use the salt and pepper grinder for a long while then you should remove the peppercorns or salt from the unit. Once you empty it, clean it and pack it away so that it is ready for use the next time.

When you get your salt and pepper grinder the first time as well as once in a while it is a good idea to place a drop of mineral oil on the top nut. This will help with the smooth functioning of the mill. When it comes to wood body grinder mills they will benefit from the occasional application of mineral or vegetable oil to enhance the appearance of the wood as well as prevent the wood from drying out.

In cases, where the mechanism is not working properly, this is caused by the replacement salt crystals or pepper corns which is much too big for the mechanism to handle, therefore no grinding takes place because there is no traction.

  • Refill

To refill this catering equipment, remove the knob and the top to fill it, then replace them both. Turn the grinder mill upside down so that you can get any salt or pepper out of the mechanism. Then turn the top nut clockwise to tighten loosely. It is very important to replace the contents with similar sized salt crystals or peppercorns to what was originally inside. It is advisable to not use wet or moisture-rich salt crystals. Also, don't ever use salt in your pepper mill or peppercorn in the salt mill as it may corrode the mechanism or other spices or herbs either.

  • Storage

Store the salt and pepper grinders in a cool, dry place where they are unlikely to be knocked over onto the floor and get damaged. If you store it over an area that is used for cooking then it is more likely to lead to the clogging up of the mill, especially the salt mill due to condensation that may get into the seasoning material.

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