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Why Ice Makers Are Essential For Foodservice Businesses
28 Dec

For anyone in the foodservice industry you will know what an inconvenience it is to run out of ice. When you have an ice maker the great thing is you will never run out of ice cubes for your guests or for any functions you may be catering for. Having an ice machine in your home or for your commercial food establishment is a huge investment and the best when it comes to convenience. With technology being so advanced, refrigeration solutions have become more efficient and useful. A Brema ice maker is something you don’t think you need until you own one – you will be surprised just how much you need one. Whether you need it for your home, for entertainment, catering purposes and if you’re in the food service business or hospitality industry the ice maker is the perfect solution for you. Read more to find out why an ice maker is essential for any foodservice business. 

Ice Maker for Restaurant, Hotel, Café or Nightclubs

With the Brema ice maker, you have the lovely options of selecting the different types of ice needed to fulfil the demand and requests for your business. With Brema’s technology that’s constantly growing and evolving, the options offered now has more of a range for you to choose from. Depending on your business needs you can decide what size unit you need, type of ice shapes you need, and how much ice you require for your daily production. Brema is a high-performance ice machine and depending on the model it will provide you with shortened cone-shaped, single cubes, ice flakes or crystalline ice making them suitable for any type of glass. 

Instant Ice 

The most loved thing about purchasing an ice maker is that you will never run out of ice cubes. No one wants to drink a warm beverage on a hot sunny day and is perfect for fizzy drinks. It is structured and manufactured in such a way that ice is quick to make. An ice maker is a must-have for any food business or café and bar. They also produce micro-cubes which are between fast-ice and ice flakes and are effortlessly versatile for many uses such as cocktails or food presentations like seafood, frozen fish, or buffets. 

Quality of Manufactured Ice 

When it comes to the quality of manufactured ice and using only the best for both your food and drinks – you can’t go wrong with an ice machine. If you are thinking of buying ice packs you won’t be getting the same quality ice. Think about it this way, during transportation to and from the distributor the ice in those bags melt and lose shape and some or most of it dissolves. Whereas with an ice machine your ice doesn’t come from any package or distributor meaning you provide your customers with quality drinks and foods. 

What Do Cocktails Deserve?

Whether you own a café, restaurant, bar, pub, or hotel, if you serve drinks the one thing you can’t do is prepare a drink without ice. With a Brema ice maker, you can serve the best and most exquisite cocktails just by using quality ice cubes. A bartender will know how important ice is when you prepare a drink. A poor quality ice cube can affect the taste of a cocktail and ruin the experience. Many people prefer their drinks with extra ice to make it more refreshing. 

If you need to display fruit and foods fresh you can even use the Brema Ice Maker to make ice flakes for your display. Ice flakes do make a huge difference and can also be used in many industries.

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