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What every Commercial and Home Kitchen Can’t Do Without, A Handheld Slicer!
12 May

Nothing streamlines daily cooking prep like a handheld slicer. You can save time in the kitchen and achieve precise cuts without needing to learn any knife skills, with the sharp, long-lasting blades of the de BUYER Handheld Slicer. It has a simple, handheld design and a safe, reliable handguard that keeps your fingers out of harm’s way.

If you are a chef, have a small stall or even a small takeaway at home you probably spend a fair amount of time preparing vegetables. A knife will always be the most essential kitchen instrument, along with all your necessary equipment in a kitchen of any size. But a handheld slicer can save a lot of valuable time. A handheld slicer is designed to cut vegetables and fruit into even, and often very thin slices.

You can find hundreds of different handheld slicer models, but they come in only three main styles. Each style features a stainless steel or ceramic blade, a smooth “runway” for easily sliding a vegetable, cheese and other foods. Back and forth across the blade is a knob or lever to adjust the blade and therefore the thickness of each slice, and a handguard that both holds the food in place and protects your hands. 

These are the main styles

French Handheld Slicers: 

Some of the oldest and largest designs, French handheld slicers are constructed of metal and often have many moving pieces. They can achieve especially precise and specialized cuts, such as julienne (long, thin matchsticks) and waffle-fry cuts.

V-blade slicers: handheld slicers with V-shaped blades have gained popularity over the past few years. The two entry points for cutting in this diagonal setup means you don’t have to use as much pressure to slide through food. 

Here’s what we expect from a good Handheld Slicer:

Sharp, durable, and adjustable blade - Some Handheld Slicers have straight blades, some have angled blades, and some have V-shaped blades, but two things the best handheld slicers have in common is that they are sharp and made of stainless steel that withstands normal wear and tear —including getting jostled in a kitchen drawer.

Durable and ergonomic body - The body of the handheld slicer should be able to withstand the pressure of repeated use without breaking or warping. Similarly, it should be able to handle getting tossed around in a drawer. It should be comfortable and easy to hold, as well.

Practical size and shape - A good handheld slicer is wide enough to handle a variety of different-size vegetables but not so big that it’s difficult to store. Its design should be simple enough and it’s easy to clean.

An easy-to-use handguard - Culinary forums and comments sections are full of handheld slicer horror stories. To avoid turning kitchen prep into a blood sport, get a Handheld Slicer that comes with an easy-to-use, ergonomic, and practical handguard.


The blade easily penetrates the product, so all those soft vegetables and fruit won’t be dented or mashed. Micro-serrations of the blade make it easier to cut all fruit, vegetables and cheeses into very thin slices while preserving the constitution of their flesh. 19.3° optimised cutting angle. Easily and perfectly cuts even the softest fruit and vegetables.


The stainless-steel plate enables food to slide smoothly for a natural movement. The knob incorporated into the handle end lets you adjust the thickness up to 5 mm. Ergonomic handle for a natural grip.

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