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Butchery Equipment to Make Delicious Hamburgers
24 Dec

Hamburgers and chips are a popular fast food meal with the meat patty and the toppings that can be piled on with so many options. As a chef, you want to give your customers the best experience when they come to your restaurant. If you have control over the ingredients of the hamburger the result will be as per your creation.

How would you control the input in order to get the desired output?

Every ingredient you use will be ones that you choose yourself. From the patty to the toppings. Baking your own burger buns will give you consistency in the type of buns you serve to your customers and they will begin to recognise as yours. Using a reputable vegetable supplier will give you better control over the quality of the toppings. Making your patties with the flavours you prefer will add character to the hamburger.

To make your own burger patties you will need to the right butchery equipment such as the Trespade Hand Mincer. These units are easy to use and are suitable for the commercial kitchen. It is made from cast iron and it easy to dismantle for cleaning purposes. With the Trespade Hand Mincer you are able to efficiently and quickly process the meat. You can grind the meat using the mincer and then you can add your own spices to it before you compact it into the Patty Machine. You can then take the patty and grill it to perfection on an Anvil Griller.

Assemble all the ingredients and compile your hamburger starting with the buns, which you may toast for that lovely crisp sensation, then add a sauce, the grilled patty and the toppings of your choice. People tend to enjoy the basic lettuce, tomato and cheese but do yourself a favour and make it more interesting with additional toppings like egg, pineapple, bacon and feta cheese or avocado and biltong. Be adventurous with the hamburger. Customers will remember your restaurant for it.