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Why It Is Still Important to Wear Protective Gear
24 Dec

There’s no denying that this has been a long year that’s come with many challenges like covid and restrictions. Although many may be tired of the pandemic, it’s not over yet and we all need to be safe to stay safe. This means that you need to continue wearing your face mask, as well as the face shield, gloves or any other protective wear that is relevant to your industry.

Being safe is much better than the alternative. The more proactive we can all be in stopping the spread of the virus, the better for all of us.

The most important protective gear, of course, is the face mask and the face shield. These two items protect your face from direct contact with the virus. It's most important that your nose and your mouth are covered. Then to prevent direct contact of the virus you have to keep your hands clean and having sanitizers close at hand is just as important.

Another piece of protective gear that’s very useful is disposable gloves and this is of paramount importance in the food industry. Gloves are a good way of preventing the spread of germs from one surface to another by removing and disposing of the gloves. 

Other protective gear that might help you, depending on which industry you're in, is coveralls that would cover you from head to toe or head to foot, rather. What you would do is you would then remove the coverall when you've been exposed and you would dispose of it in a safe manner.

A protective gear that usually accompanies the coverall is shoe covers. This is also ideal for the butchery establishments because meat is sliced on butchery equipment and the tiny pieces that may fall on the on the floor could get caught on the shoes. So, the shoe covers will prevent the cross contamination. You must be sure, of course, to dispose of the shoe covers before you leave building.

Whilst the pandemic may seem endless, it’s always good to practice good hygiene. Keeping people safe should at all times be a priority.