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Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration
24 Dec

When you’re operating in the food industry, you understand the necessity of having to keep foods and drinks cool. This is especially important during the warmer seasons. There is a commercial refrigeration solution for all of your requirements.

Commercial Fridges include a broad spectrum of refrigeration that is specifically manufactured for large quantity storage and heavy duty long term use.

Here are the options available.

  • Freezers

This category consists of chest freezers, island freezers, up-right freezers and freezer rooms. The option you choose will depend on what your requirements are.

Chest freezers are ideal for meat products that you intend to store for a longer period. You can pack a lot of meat packs into the large rectangular catering equipment.

Upright freezers allow you to pack foods on the various shelves for convenient access. For the supermarket set up, there is also a glass door version available where the customer can view the contents without having to open the door.

  • Underbar Fridges

These fridges can be conveniently tucked away under the counter of the bar or restaurant. It is neatly hidden away from customer sight yet conveniently placed for the server to access the drinks below. 

  • Beverage Coolers

If you serve drinks at your establishment then a beverage cooler is a commercial fridge you’ll need. These fridges allow you to pack loads of drinks bottles or cans for easy access and they have glass doors for visibility of the drinks. So, the customer can view the drinks available and make their choice. 

  • Ice Machines

When you serve drinks, ice is the natural accompaniment. And, of course, no one wants to wait forever for the ice to freeze. Innovations in this area are remarkable because you’ll find ice machines that can make ice within minutes and you can have a constant supply throughout the day. 

  • Display Fridges

If you offer cold meats, sandwiches, sushi, or even cake and ice creams, then a fridge that keeps the contents chilled yet has it displayed in a well-lit behind clear glass display is the option for you.