iX ICE 02 - 1
  • iX ICE 02 - 1

iX ICE 02

VAT included

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Make sure your ice cubes are bright and clear ice and protect your equipment from the potential damage of limescale.Freezing water to make ice causes the dissolved minerals in hard water to precipitate and coat the working surfaces. This leads to increased energy costs, poor quality ice. It will also lead to a reduction in ice production and eventually cause equipment breakdown.

5-Stage filtration system improves taste and inhibits scale build up in the machine

Quick change cartridge or replace resin tube refill for extra savings and environmental benefits.

Better tasting ice

iX ICE's high quality filters remove chlorine and improve taste, colour and odour of the water as well as providing essential protection against potential cyst and bacterial build-up. The iX ICE uses a 5-Stage filtration system that improves taste and inhibits scale build up in the machine -

  • 20 Micron Pre-Filtration
  • Silver Impregnated Granular Activated Carbon
  • 5 Micron Post Filtration Sediment Filter
  • Polyphosphate – Scale Inhibitor
  • Post filtration carbon block for additional protection
  • By simply replacing the inner refill of the cartridge substantial savings can be made over competitor water filters.

Benefits and features

  • Refill Insert Technology – reduce costs, minimise replacement time, environmentally friendly – returnable item – no landfill.
  • Quick Swap Technology and refill insert technology provides a clean and easy exchange whilst minimising contamination and leaks.
  • Granular Activated Carbon Technology – Inhibits any potential bacterial growth and provides protection against cyst.
  • iX Scale Inhibition – Polyphosphate dosing based scale inhibition – provides high-quality water while inhibiting scale growth in the system and unnecessary downtime and service calls.